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Create A Safe Driving Culture: Going Beyond Changing Hearts and Minds

Recently I had lunch with friend who spent more than 20 years as a health and safety executive for a Fortune 100 company. As part of his former role, he oversaw the fleet drivers for the company, ensuring their compliance with things like driver certifications and training and, more importantly, their adherence to safe driving […]

Ten Reasons to Stop Distracted Driving: A CEO Perspective

Over the past few years, technology has completely changed the way that people lead their lives. Mobile devices and the internet has made the business world more connected than ever; however, this does not come without its risks.¬†Distracted driving has occupied the media spotlight on an almost daily basis. Some of the statistics on distracted […]

The Value of Keeping Score – Think like an Owner

Several years back, Jack Stack wrote a best selling business book, The Great Game of Business. The story summarized Stack’s work with SRC Holdings after his purchase of the company from International Harvester (IH). Buying the company from IH, in partnership with the employees, Stack quickly realized that he needed to teach the coworkers how […]

Please Step Into My Office | Driving Policies for Mobile Workforce

You visit your distribution center in the Midlands. You travel farther afield to tour your production facility in Asia. You join your executive team for senior leadership meetings on the Continent. As the Director of Health and Safety for your company, you are attentive to the duty of care responsibility your organization has for its […]