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Everything There Is To Know About Distracted Driving Apps

Cell phones have quickly become essential tools in the modern world, keeping us connected to every aspect of our hectic lives. However, their use has without doubt also played a major role in the increase of distracted driving incidents worldwide. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, distracted driving is ¬ďa dangerous epidemic on American […]

Ten Reasons to Stop Distracted Driving: A CEO Perspective

Over the past few years, technology has completely changed the way that people lead their lives. Mobile devices and the internet has made the business world more connected than ever; however, this does not come without its risks. Distracted driving has occupied the media spotlight on an almost daily basis. Some of the statistics on distracted […]

Ten Reasons to Stop Distracted Driving: A Worker Health & Safety Perspective

Texting and driving is a big issue today, and it is only becoming more important from a health and safety standpoint. While it’s an issue for anyone on the road today, the concern multiplies exponentially for as a business owner or as someone in upper management, now is the time to start thinking about how […]

The Next Generation of Workplace Safety

Beyond the Hard Hat and Hi-Vis Vest: The Next Generation of Workplace Safety Over 200 years, workplace safety has seen dramatic gains. Concerns about workers in their environment were born in Europe with the labour movement during the Industrial Revolution. Through this revolutionary period, workers organized and demanded improvements in working conditions. Governments responded and […]