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Ten Reasons to Stop Distracted Driving: A Worker Health & Safety Perspective

Texting and driving is a big issue today, and it is only becoming more important from a health and safety standpoint. While it’s an issue for anyone on the road today, the concern multiplies exponentially for as a business owner or as someone in upper management, now is the time to start thinking about how […]

The Target Is on Your Back

The good news about having branded vehicles is that people know about your company. It is the face of your company to the public. That is also the bad news if your drivers are distracted behind the wheel. Distracted driving in commercial fleets is a well-known business problem. The majority of people report that it […]

Where Does Worker Safety Start and End?

Where does worker safety start and end? You hire employees that are vetted and seemingly lower risk. You train the employees extensively, including safety training as a part of your comprehensive safety program. You develop and publish corporate safety policies, including safe driver programs. When you send the workers out to the field, you outfit […]