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TRUCE helps you protect what matters most: your employees, your assets, your IP, and your reputation. We’re changing the workplace.

TRUCE: A New Vision for the Workplace

Mobile devices create such amazing possibilities yet present us with very real challenges. How do we get the best that technology has to offer, while protecting focus, lives, productivity? We believe in technology, and we believe in focus. We believe there are times that technology is essential, and times that mobile devices must be removed to enable us to be at our best. Solving this challenge is in our DNA.

TRUCE enables companies to serve up allowable and productive mobile applications, when and where they should be used, while at the same time suppressing applications that are distracting, dangerous, or out of compliance with their corporate policies. We have built a platform that makes the smartphone smarter, creating a balance between the desire to stay connected and the need to be productive.

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How We Improve Your Workplace

Our easy-to-use technology solution changes your workplace by boosting you in several different areas.

We help you protect commercial and company drivers, warehouse, factory, construction employees and more. We keep mobile devices from distracting them when they need to concentrate and focus.

In a world where BYOD and company devices leave you vulnerable to accidental leaks, our contextual-based platform limits access to apps that can record sensitive information, meaning intellectual property is never exposed.


When people are safer, they work better. When people are less distracted, they work better. They communicate better. They learn better. They work together. We help you deliver on promises to your client.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Our leadership team is driven to make every job safer and more productive by creating smarter mobile devices. We all love our mobile, and we want it to be used how it was intended: to improve work during work, and enjoy life when not at work.

That’s what we build, every day.

Meet our leadership team

Start your career at TRUCE

At TRUCE, we’re looking to work with people who love mobile as much as we do and want to make it work better. We are looking for people passionate about technology, and who want to use it to make people safer. We’re looking for people who want to work for a global company that is making a difference in people’s lives.

We hope we’re a good fit for you. We need engineers, marketers, designers, sales, and more. Come work with us.

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Support: We’re Customer-Oriented Because We Know You are Too

Our purpose is to solve meaningful problems. These problems can only be solved when our customers use our technology to the fullest. Our support services give you the information you need to bridge the gap between mobile use and employee productivity. See our FAQs, check out our Knowledge Base, and see our Distracted Drivers Education Program.

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We help the mobile world work better. See what we can do for your company.

Our drive is to make driving safer. Our work is making work safer. We produce so that you can be more productive. Let’s work together to make mobile smarter.

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